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Tv Wall Mounting

Wall Mount Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor TVs

Trust Your Local Wall Mount Installation Specialists

As a TV wall mounting service, Our skilled technicians will assist you in choosing the most suitable wall mount for your unique needs, ensuring a hassle-free TV wall mount installation.

Whether you want to mount your screens indoors or in outdoor living spaces, we have extensive experience in handling even large-scale outdoor TV installations for sports and entertainment venues. This makes us the ideal choice for all your mounting needs.

Customized Wall Mounting Solutions
for Every Space

Features And Benefits

  • Heavy-duty dual-arm LCD wall bracket suitable for 23-55″ TVs
  • Tilt (+15~-15°) and swivel (+90~-90°) adjustable for maximum viewing flexibility
  • 30kg load rating
  • Suitable for corner mounting due to a single stud backplate
  • Profile: 49~395mm

Features And Benefits

  • Tilt mount wall bracket 43-90 inch* with full wall mounting back plate
  • Tilt adjustable -10 to +10 degrees with easy grip knobs for quick adjustment and locking
  • Heavy-duty 75kg load rating
  • Compatible with all hole patterns including VESA standard
  • Built in bubble level for easy installation
  • * Size must be within the range of limit for weight and VESA pattern

Features And Benefits

  • 82-1015mm long extension arm provides a wide range of viewing angles
  • Swivelling arms offer maximum viewing flexibility (makes every seat the best seat)
  • Heavy-duty 50 kg load rating to support larger screens
  • Cable management elegantly hides any cables that are attached to displays
  • For most 43″-80″ flat-panel TVs
  • Quick-release latch locks and unlocks the unit in place

Features And Benefits

  • Heavy-duty tilt and swivel extension bracket for medium TV’s 32-55 inch
  • 480mm backplate for easy stud attachment
  • Heavy-duty 50kg load rating
  • A tilt of +10° to -20° and swivel of 180° allow for a vast range of viewing options
  • Compatible with all hole patterns, including VESA standard up to 400x400mm
  • Built-in level adjustment + or -3 degrees

Expert Installation Services for TV Wall Mounts

Trusted Professionals in Your Area for TV Wall Mounting

Purchasing a television is complex, with size, resolution, brands, features, and prices to consider. But acquiring your TV isn’t the end; wall mounting has become popular for a sleek setup, saving space indoors or outdoors. However, challenges like cord management, finding wall studs, or potential damage may arise if you DIY. Super Antenna’s skilled experts offer decades of experience to expertly mount your TV indoors or outdoors securely. We ensure safe and aesthetically pleasing installations, integrating your TV seamlessly into your entertainment system. With fully insured technicians and a three-decade track record, trust Super Antenna for professional TV wall mounting and entertainment system setup.

Purchasing a television can prove to be a complex endeavor. Beyond the considerations of size and resolution, there exists a diverse array of brand options, technological features, and price points to navigate. Amidst this multitude of factors, it’s important to bear in mind that the journey doesn’t conclude upon acquiring your new television for your home. Wall mounting has become an increasingly favored method for showcasing your new television. Whether you prefer to enjoy it indoors, in the comfort of your home, or outdoors in your alfresco space, wall mounting offers a sleek and inconspicuous solution. It not only conserves precious space in your living area but also serves as a stylish enhancement to any wall within your residence. Nevertheless, attaining the ideal setup can present challenges. These may include issues like unsightly cord and cable arrangement, the inconvenience of locating wall studs, and, in the worst-case scenario, potential damage to your walls or TV when attempting to mount it yourself. To provide assistance, the skilled installation experts at Super Antenna possess the necessary knowledge and years of experience. We will expertly mount your television on the wall in any room of your choice, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Our priority is ensuring its secure placement in the ideal position for your family’s long-lasting enjoyment. Super Antenna assures you that your TV will be both safe and aesthetically pleasing on its new wall mount. Additionally, for your extra peace of mind, all our technicians are fully insured, and we take pride in honoring all the warranties we provide. Super Antenna boasts a three-decade-long track record of service, and our exceptional team of technicians offers more than just wall-mount installations. We excel in setting up and harmonizing entertainment systems, going beyond mere TV placement. Our expertise lies not only in securing your TV in an ideal spot but also in seamlessly integrating it into your home entertainment system, eliminating unsightly cables that could mar the aesthetics of your new television. Count on Super Antenna proficiency in discreetly concealing cables, making your TV wall mount a source of envy among your friends and family

Highly Practical

When you’ve recently acquired a sleek flat-screen TV, it makes perfect sense to consider mounting it professionally on the wall instead of leaving it perched on a TV stand. This not only keeps it safely out of reach from curious little hands but also safeguards it from any potential accidents, even if you don’t have young children or pets who could be at risk from a TV topple. A heavy plasma or LCD TV placed on a cabinet can pose risks to adults and is susceptible to damage if accidentally bumped and knocked off the cabinet.

Taking Safety into Account

While accidents may be infrequent, they are still a possibility. Whether a grown-up loses their balance while near the unit, whether during a gathering or not, reaching out for support won’t find any in the case of a contemporary TV placed on a lightweight stand. Older individuals, in particular, may often struggle with balance issues and require a stable environment. If you happen to own a substantial modern TV, its weight becomes a crucial factor, making it advisable to secure it to the wall for a safer household.

Enhancing Visual Clarity

This feature enhances the overall viewing experience by allowing you to customize the unit’s height above the floor to suit the specific room and the viewers’ positions, rather than being restricted by the cabinet’s height.

Professional Guidance and Installation

Allow Super Antenna to expertly mount your plasma or LCD TV, effectively concealing unsightly cables, and transforming your space into a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Don’t hesitate to reach out; our team of TV installation and wall mounting specialists are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and even the Gold Coast.

Work Guaranteed to be 100% Reliable

The Specialists in Local TV Antenna Installation Services in Your Area

Since 1998, Super Antenna has established itself as the premier television antenna installation company in Australia, serving more than 600,000 delighted customers.

We stand behind our work with an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction, offering a 100% guarantee on every project. Additionally, our Australian-made antennas are backed by a lifetime warranty following installation, providing you with peace of mind regarding your television needs.

Our team of skilled technicians are local to your region and possess the expertise required to offer you top-quality service, advice, and pricing.

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