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Installation of Foxtel:

Super Antenna offers comprehensive support for a wide range of Foxtel installations in Melbourne. Whether you’re considering the addition of a Foxtel satellite dish to your home in anticipation of subscribing to Foxtel services or if you’re in the process of pre-wiring installation of your house to ensure seamless Foxtel installation upon completion

Services provided by Foxtel:

Foxtel services are delivered through a dual infrastructure, utilizing both a cable network and satellite transmission. In light of recent advancements concerning the cable network’s future utilization for the NBN, all forthcoming Foxtel installations will exclusively employ satellite transmission. The setup of satellite installations necessitates specialized skills beyond what typical antenna installers possess. This includes expertise in system design, satellite dish alignment, and the utilization of a distinct spectrum analyzer. Moreover, satellite installations entail the incorporation of distinct components, which differ significantly from other installation methods. These components include:

• Satellite dishes come in various sizes, tailored to suit different installation requirements.
• Low-Noise Block Downconverters (LNBs) can come with single, double, or quad input options.
• Headends usually consist of TDT, 5-wire, or Satellite Multistacker equipment.
• Multiswitches can feature various input and output configurations, which vary depending on the specific system type and the quantity of outlets within that system.
• Introduce Amplifiers
• Amplifiers for Signal Enhancement
• Power Injectors

Furthermore, there are additional specialized components available for integration with Foxtel, enabling the merging of Free To Air TV channels, CCTV camera systems, in-house channels, and various other features.

The Super Antenna team consists of a group of extensively trained technicians and a dedicated office-based design staff. They possess exceptional expertise in adhering to the proper Foxtel procedures, utilizing Foxtel Approved equipment, and meeting Foxtel’s compliant installation standards, guaranteeing a flawless Foxtel installation on the initial attempt.

Using Foxtel in Various Rooms:

A common misconception among our customers is that they must subscribe to extra Foxtel boxes to enjoy content on multiple TVs within their homes. Yet, Super Antenna team possesses the capability to capture the signal from your single Foxtel box and distribute it to various TVs throughout your residence, all without the need for continuous subscription charges. Additionally, we offer the option to install an infrared transmitter/receiver system, enabling you to conveniently change channels from any room in your home.

Installation and Activation of Foxtel Services for Businesses:

Super Antenna excels in the installation and upkeep of various satellite-based Foxtel setups, encompassing single-wire, TDT, 5-wire, and satellite multistacker configurations. Super Antenna has established ongoing maintenance agreements with several body corporates across Australia, featuring stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) carefully crafted to minimize and eradicate Foxtel service interruptions. When considering the installation of new systems, it is advisable to consult Super Antenna prior to laying any cables to ensure compatibility with your premises. The dedicated commercial team at Super Antenna is eager to provide you with a Foxtel-endorsed design, ensuring the successful completion of the Foxtel Commissioning process, including adherence to the pertinent Foxtel Scope of Works (SOW), as required by Foxtel and their quality assurance partners.

Work Guaranteed to be 100% Reliable

The Specialists in Local TV Antenna Installation Services in Your Area

Super Antenna offers a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee for all our services. Additionally, our Australian-made antennas come with a lifelong warranty starting from the installation date.

All of our technicians reside in your local area, possessing the professional knowledge required to offer you top-quality service at the most competitive rates.

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