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Up to 25 years antenna and 12 months workmanship warranty applies to the work carried out and the materials provided when used in the way for which they were designed. They are subject to the following terms and conditions:

❖ Should any of the equipment covered under this warranty become defective during the warranty period, Super Antennas will (at its absolute discretion), repair or replace defective item(s).

❖ Warranty for “Labour” applies only to the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

❖ Warranty for “Labour” does not apply where and antenna is installed more than 2 meters above roof level.

 ❖ Warranty service is carried out between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday to Friday, irrespective of the time/day the original work was carried out.

❖ Should warranty service be requested and subsequently found not to be covered under the terms and conditions of this warranty, a service fee for time and travel will apply. Such service fee will be at the rate applicable at the time and may change without notice.

❖ The warranty commences from the date of the original installation/service, and not from the date of any subsequent service.

❖ Warranty for both product and labour applies only when payment in full has been made for the work.

❖ The warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable to any other party.

❖ The warranty will become void if repairs have been attempted or affected by anyone other than Super Antennas or their authorised agents, or the equipment has been relocated by others from its original position.

 ❖ The warranty applies to only material supplied by Super Antennas. Where other faulty or defective materials/equipment is discovered, Super Antennas will repair/replace them at the customer’s cost.

❖ The warranty does not extend to electronic components e.g. Amplifiers, Digital TV Boxes etc. A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty applies to such components subject to the other terms and conditions of this warranty. A service fee will apply for removal and re-installation of such equipment.

❖ Warranty of Digital TV Boxes is limited to manufacturer’s warranty only on a “return to supplier” basis. Warranty does not extend to picking up and return of the box. Where a box is required to be picked up and returned, a service fee will apply for this service.

❖ The quality of digital reception will vary from one Digital TV/Set up box to another. The warranty does not cover variation/fluctuation in digital reception by any Digital box where the box was not supplied by Super Antennas.

❖ The warranty is limited to the repair/replacement of equipment supplied by Super Antennas and does not extend to consequential or economic damage or loss of any description howsoever caused by the failure of equipment or labour supplied by Super Antennas.

❖ Super Antennas enters the property entirely at the risk of the customer/owner/tenant. Handling of furniture, television receivers, video recorders, or any other item whatsoever that may be required in order to carry out the work is done so entirely at the customer/owner/tenant’s risk. No responsibility whatsoever is accepted by Super Antennas, its servants or agents for damage to any item or any property howsoever caused, except for statutory obligations provided under Victorian Legislation.


❖ All leads are correctly connected from the wall outlet to the TV, Digital TV Box, Video Recorder, DVD Player etc.

❖ The TV, Digital TV Box, Video Recorder are correctly tuned. Tuning of such equipment is the responsibility of the user.

❖ If an Amplifier (Booster) is being used, ensure the Power Supply Unit (PSU) for the amplifier is plugged in and switched on and has not been relocated from its original position.

 ❖ If you have multiple TV outlets and one outlet appears to have failed, try another TV on this outlet to ensure it is not the TV at fault. Customers must still possess a copy of the original invoice to be valid for warranty servicing.