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MATV & Commercial:

We are the specialists in MATV and Commercial solutions in your area.

Your Trusted Professionals for MATV & Commercial Projects. Our team of MATV & commercial project experts boasts a wealth of combined experience, having actively contributed to numerous prestigious projects across Australia and antenna installation throughout Melbourne.

MATV and Commercial Antenna Systems :

Super Antenna boasts an exceptionally skilled and well-qualified commercial team dedicated to serving a wide range of properties, including multi-dwelling units, commercial establishments, and high-rise buildings. Given the intricate nature of MATV (Master Antenna Television) systems, it is imperative to have operators with substantial expertise and knowledge to ensure their optimal performance.

Diagnosing MATV systems can be challenging for a typical antenna technician due to their intricate nature and network complexity. This is where our commercial team excels. Our team of commercial experts boasts extensive experience in all aspects of MATV system installation, repair, and maintenance. We can seamlessly install new systems from a variety of brands to cater to the specific needs of your projects.

Our commercial team boasts extensive expertise in the field of commercial and MATV (Master Antenna Television) systems, along with the essential specialized equipment necessary for diagnosing and servicing such systems.

The Super Antenna Commercial team also has a focus on IPTV and satellite television services.

We have the capability to set up a dish and cabling system accredited by Foxtel, and we also provide installations that meet Foxtel’s accreditation standards. These systems are frequently utilized in various locations, including hotels, clubs, community centers, hospitals, and multi-room apartment buildings.

Work Guaranteed to be 100% Reliable

The Specialists in Local TV Antenna Installation Services in Your Area

At Super Antenna, we stand behind our work with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, offering a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Moreover, our promise extends to our Australian-made antennas, which come with a lifetime warranty for every new installation.

Our team of technicians is comprised of local experts who possess the professional knowledge required to provide you with top-notch service, advice, and competitive pricing, making us the ideal choice.

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